ERASMUS+ MULTIlingual Curriculum for improving KEY competences through CLIL

MULTIlingual Curriculum
for improving KEY
competences through CLIL

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Zespół Szkół
i Licealnych

Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych i Licealnych

About school and teachers

Vocational Technical High School of Electronics in Warsaw is one of the largest technical schools in the city. Our students are trained in four career programmes: information technology, electronics, electrical and information and communication technology. Training cycle includes four years. In the current school year, the school has 880 students aged 16-20. A very large number of the students live in the suburban areas, often coming from dysfunctional, single-parent families, or those in which there is the problem of unemployment. Additionally, a large group is constituted by pupils at risk of social exclusion.

Our school is selected by young people with clearly defined technical interests and particular predispositions. They expect training at the highest level and the most modern methods. They feel comfortable with the digital world and they are open to innovations. We also observe better and better linguistic skills of our students and their commitment to learning foreign languages.

The school cooperates with various business entities, offering internship for our students. We have also benefited from the support of local institutions to help finance the poorest students. The school also operates a thriving Parent Council, which supports all initiatives taken in the school and manages funds obtained from parents and local sponsors.

According to local regulations technical schools are not eligible for bilingual education. However, due to the expectations of both students and their parents, two years ago the school implemented a teaching innovation involving bilingual study of mathematics at an advanced level.

Teachers the most involved in the project:

Ms Anna Sulek – the school coordinator

The bilingual mathematics classes in our school are led by Ms Anna Sulek. At the moment, Ms Sulek has 18 years of experience in teaching mathematics. Additionally, for the past 8 years she has acted as a vice principal. Ms Sulek holds First Certificate in English (grade B) which gives qualifications to bilingual teaching of mathematics in secondary schools.

In July 2013 she took a two-week English language training in the UK for teachers of mathematics in the bilingual system (Content and Language Integrated Learning - Practical Ideas for the Classroom).

In autumn 2013 Ms Sulek participated in an international training project in the United States (Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program). During the two-month training she observed the teaching of mathematics in an American high school, shared her experience and attended seminars for teachers of mathematics at the University of Reno.

Ms Malgorzata Jankowska

Ms Malgorzata Jankowska is another person directly involved in the project. She is a teacher of vocational English. In addition to her teaching qualifications, she has got business experience gained by working in multifunctional teams delivering new software solutions to companies.

Mr Dariusz Rudzki

The third person taking part in the project is Mr Dariusz Rudzki, an ICT teacher. His level of English allows him to use CLIL methods in the classes designed for IT technicians.

Mr Lukasz Grzybowski

Another person involved in the project is Mr Lukasz Grzybowski, an ICT teacher and a specialist in web application development and administration of websites.

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