ERASMUS+ MULTIlingual Curriculum for improving KEY competences through CLIL

MULTIlingual Curriculum
for improving KEY
competences through CLIL

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Ramon Berenguer IV

Edoardo Amaldi

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Our school, Liceo Scientifico Amaldi, is a secondary school with both scientific and humanistic subjects, with about 900 pupils from 14 to 19. During five-year curriculum, our students are offered a wide variety of compulsory subjects, such as Maths, Physics, Science, Art, History, Philosophy, foreign languages and Latin. Religion lessons are optional but the majority of pupils take part in them. The school offers therefore a university career in many fields. A very high percentage of students can enter the best Italian universities and have brilliant results over the years both at university and in their working experiences.

The school is situated near Bergamo, a nice Roman and Medieval town in the north of Italy, not far from important cities such as Milan and Venice. The surrounding area is rich in many cultural sites (Prehistorical rock inscriptions, for example) and landscapes vary from high mountains (the Alps and Prealps) to gentle hills and lakes.
This location favors the study of History and Art, besides giving students the opportunity of school trips focusing their attention on geography and science.
The teachers have a long and consolidated teaching experience.

Our school is very active in promoting the idea of Europe and citizenship and strongly support exchanges with other schools with the aim of putting our students in contact with other cultures and ways of living.
We have a long experience in school exchanges, which started more than fifteen years ago with France and was then enriched by other European partners.
This experience has always been highly appreciated by students and families and considered a valid way to share experiences, get to know more about cultural and historical links among countries and reflect on the notion of culture.
Since we strongly believe that the teaching process must be “student-focused”, many of the activities and projects the school offers are created together with our students, who therefore feel to be the active protagonists of the teaching-learning process. We encourage them to widen their minds and prospective, to understand and develop their talents and attitudes in the full respect of all personalities and roles.

However, the school offers its students many other opportunities to enrich their personality and create their own vision of the world around them.
The school is involved in “Bergamo Scienza”, a two weeks’ scientific event taking place yearly in our town with lectures and lab activities where students are the protagonists together with experts and scientists. Over the years, the students have always been praised for their competence and the enthusiasm shown in introducing their activities and experiments to the public.
Our students constructively and actively take part in Math competitions, such as “Matematica senza Frontiere” (MsF) where they have always shown good skills in logic and the ability to work in team.
We offer our students the opportunity to regularly participate in drama performances (both in Bergamo theatre, dedicated to our famous composer Donizetti, and in La Scala Theatre in Milan), ballet events and concerts, being convinced that music and art must be part of their personal growth as individuals and citizens.
Since a lot is done to support our students in their university choice, conferences are organized with experts and ex-students who have started their university career, together with meetings with psychologists who can help them work on their attitude and wishes.

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